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Mele Egbe
Emmy Nominated Hairstylist & Make up Artist
Television | Film| Streaming | Commercial
| Local I.A.T.S.E 488 Union Member
| Contact p:971.373.4783

Sports + Lifestyle

Television + Film + Commercial

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Hair+ Makeup


About Mele Egbe 

Mele (Muh-ley) Egbe is a Hairstylist and Make up artist located in Portland, OR. Her skills cater to television, film, streaming, and commercial work with a specialty in working on multi-cultured talent. She started her career as a Natural hair care educator and thru that became a Natural Hair care specialist on tv/film productions. Her make up career started with fashion brand campaigns and has expanded to tv/film productions. Her journey has led her to have experience in concept creation for narrative and commercial work, team management on productions, and stand-out professionalism.      

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