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Learn to Braid Workshops

What is the workshop?

The workshops are broken down into 2 categories; Cornrows and Box Braids.

Cornrows Workshop - Hands on workshop that goes over "how to cornrow" and modern cornrow techniques.

Box Braid Workshop - Hands on Workshop covers how to install box braids with multiple techniques.


All classes go over profit, maintenance, efficiency and include tool kits. 


Who is this for?


  • Stylist looking to expand hair stylist portfolio and gain more profit.


Where do I hold the workshops at?

I offer workshops online.


  • Cornrow Workshop - $250 per person - 2 hours

  • Box braids Workshop - $350 per person - 3 hours

  • Combo - $500 

In-salon education for small/large groups  - Contact for pricing.

If interested email -

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