Learn to Braid Workshops

What is the workshop?

The workshops are broken down into 3 categories, Natural Hair Care, Cornrows, and Box Braids.

Natural hair care workshop - Look & Learn to inform you on how to care and maintain healthy hair, including product knowledge, and hair care routines.

Cornrows Workshop - hands on workshop that goes over 3 braiding techniques that cover the standard cornrow, feeding cornrows and No Knot cornrows.

Box Braid Workshop - Hands on Workshop covers how to install box braids with 3 different techniques.


All classes go over profit, maintenance, efficiency and include kits. 


Who is this for?


Stylist looking to expand skill level and gain more profit.

People interested in Natural Hair Care licensing.

People wanting to understand how to care for natural hair in Curly or Coiled hair.


Where do I hold the workshops at?

I offer in salon workshops throughout the country.

One-on-one workshops are TBD. 


Natural Hair Care Workshop - $150 per person - 2 hours

Cornrow Workshop - $250 per person - 3 hours

Box braids Workshop - $350 per person - 3 hours

Traveling fees - $25+

In-salon education for large groups above 10 people - Contact for pricing.

If interested email me at styledbymele@gmail.com

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