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H.H.W. 1.11.17

I created this look with a figure-8 aka Infinity braid - see video post below for quick tutorial!

What is Ciara's view on Happiness, health, and wealth?

Happiness: humility, acceptance and perception. being content with what you have and not comparing your life to others.

Interpreting experiences (good or bad) as an opportunity. I integrate happiness by making sure I am doing what I love and am passionate about, keeping an open mind, and surrounding myself with people who keep my spirits up.

Health: walking by a mirror, and smiling at yourself and thinking dam I look good. Keep your body moving and find balance between food your mom told you to eat and food that you get excited about.

I integrate that by walking to the pastry shop, it's about finding balance.

Wealth: as cliche as it is it's not monetary. it really is about filling up your life with people who care about you and want to see you happy. Having a desire to meet new people and see new places with the authenticity that a lack of money can bring.

check out more pics!

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