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Trial & Error [H.H.W. 1.24.17]

I created this look with the Figure-8 braiding technique, I learned off a 15 sec Instagram video (I created my own boomerang!)

I learned how to braid at a young age and it caught on quickly to the point my friends parents were picking me up to braid there hair while their kids were playing, I felt like a mini sought after stylist, I would be picked up with a choice of where to eat (Mcdonalds of course! I was 11), I would then be brought to their house which was always LUXURIOUS my clients always had 2 living rooms, one to touch and one for adults, I'm 25 and still get jaw dropped when I see this layout. I would braid my clients hair, they would feed me lunch, snacks, and dinner, I would get invited to family events all in exchange for doing their hair, I have always treasured this part of my childhood that I look back I realize I was living the life I want as an adult.

I started off with cornrows followed by box braids my main trainer was Trial & Error, if it wasn't up to my standard I would do it again ...and again...and again. Some techniques I would get after 3 times and others would take weeks, regardless it what worth it in the end. I accomplished something I wanted to do, something that brought joy to me it was meditative and it seems so have transferred over.

I'm off to school!

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