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I 'aint got no type [H.H.W 2.19.17]

I created this look by cutting more than 6 inches off and graduating my sections to give a stacked look of curly locs!

I keep getting the question, "what hair type do you cater to" and my response is "I don't have a type, I cater to all hair". I noticed old school stylist specialize in one hair type straight, kinki, or curly, why? Why would you limit your career, is it lack of knowledge? or preference? ....To each is own! regardless I feel comfortable with all hair types to me hair is hair, and I plan to keep myself open to all hair types in the field.

Did you know?

Kinki/Curly Hair Textures have a thinner cuticle than Straighter hair Textures which makes kinki/curly hair more fragile but better suited for Bends and Twists which will allow for longer holds on styles like braids and twists, because the cuticle of straight textures is so thick it is unable to maintain a bended shape naturally....Interesting!

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