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Swangk n

Swangk is defined as dashing smartness

OMG I have not blogged in such a blogging long time, life hit and I chose to focus my energy and attention on letting go and letting God.

I walked away from a job that was weighing me down, I just wasn't happy. This was the final straw to me working in a salon under someone, if you dont know, I have had 12 jobs in 2 years ever since I got licensed for hair and started the hustle and bustle of getting clients, freelancing, and networking. boy let me tell you it was all for reason and here are some reasons that may shock you!

1) Experience - seems ideal, let me amplify this, experience will get you farther than you know. sometimes I do things knowing its not really in my field but always walk away learning something as simple as how the presenter swayed their arm, to me its eye opening and alwasy comes to use.

2) Creat a list of portfolio photos you want to display your work in, it should be only a hand full of items, once you have the list connect with local photographers or models to shoot the concept take tons of photos and use that as advertising.

3) If you find out your mentor or leader is "off", leave!

4) Salon culture is so important, make sure you are in a salon that has a culture you can connect with.

5) Stick to the plan - Read More about this next week!

Sooo yeah I am no longer behind a chair in a salon. I cut hair at a Assisted Living home facility and take in private clientele part time, I never noticed how truely stressed I was getting clientele, one day I said "I deserve better" if the client doesnt work on my terms, we wont work. Its freeing and the new clients never complain....the irony. I hope to own a 4 chair salon in the Pearl District, but sticking to the plan is so important. I went to school to understand hair and skin to make my cosmetic business better, I got distracted and realized I am good at hair, but it never worked out that way hence the 12 jobs, if its not meant for me IT JUST WONT WORK. lol God is good. What has worked for me is Styling Creatively, I feel at place in this blog is on whats next in my career. Being self aware is now settling in, im aware of myself on a deeper level which leads me to more understanding in my journey, the pieces of the puzzle are fitting slowly, its pretty cool.

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