• Styledbymele .

Mahng-key a

Manque is defined as having fallen short especially due to circumstanses-

this pretty much sums up whats next in my career

I am working towards capital for Mele Cosmetics, establishing a precense in the film industry as a hairstyilist, and im fixin' to learn how to ventilate wigs, im so excited for this, and modeling , that it a slow incline, which im okay with its a challenge to me to see how far I can take that career, and how much confidence I can gain from it.

gaining capital was so easy I was able to get a loan. SIKE! Considering my little loan history, I got declined by my hoo. Remember how I said I was done behind the chair, welp seems like im not said the universe, why? its the only job that understands what working on set, truely means. So I feel like I took 2 steps forward and 1 step back, im in a somber mood with this conclusion, things just dont seem to work smoothly for me behind the chair, im quite tired spritualy, yet circumstances have brought me back, maybe it will go well and I will have a booming clientele, or it will be like the pattern of experiences I seem to fall short too, its as if no matter what route, how fast, or strong, I always end up at square one, im so tired universe.

....I have to keep going, something calls me to just try again, even though my body wants to give in and rediret.

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