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God Moves Me 8-2-21

Well well well , I am back people, I am back for an update!

Being in Texas has had its perks, I love living alone and having my own mental and spiritual sanctuary. I am working on my relationship with God, and I have shed a lot of past understandings and am learning new ways to understand my purpose, you know, the one that was already set for me lol!

Within this process of understanding how God is using me, my spirit has grown strong, the spirit is so strong in me that when God says Move, I move! Stay, I stay! its as if I have no choice, the prayers and seeds I planted 12 years ago seem to be sprouting and its unstoppable. The things that sit in my mind and heart have and are being pushed out in clumps in order to receive my true blessings.

....I never say this but I think "its happening", like all the things I prayed for, took action, and had long conversations with God on, it took me a while to understand this and I hope it helps someone who is on a conscious path...ITS ALREADY DONE! you just need to be in alignment with what that is and the things will flow, you don't get to dictate how your blessing will come trust me I would have only chosen the positive experiences if that was the case, but just know the goal will be more than you imagined! just trust the process-- STAY THE COURSE be a shepherd and hold faith in your heart that the path is already laid out, a great book to reference is " The Alchemist" by Paulo Coelho it explains it in a way that makes sense, or you can just read the bible lol. I still haven't reached the level I want to be at but I know I am going thru a detox, and so many spiritual encounters are proving that I'm on the right path.

Until next time....

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