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What is new 2021?!

Oh boy, lets just say I am being "hidden" to grow! I'm super looking forward to this new chapter in a new state. I am more focused on the journey then getting to the destination, the imprint of the goal is so sharp I have no choice to achieve the goal. I have been accepting my journey more and more and becoming more peaceful and understanding of myself in this process.

Staying positive has always been a dance for me, I have learned to accept a lot and that has allowed me to keep my focus on what is positive. I recently picked up a book called "Contesting: The Name it & claim it game" by Helene Hadsell and this book let me tell you it has presented a new experience for me as long as I uphold my dance of positivity. Briefly, the book is about a woman who has just the most amazing luck when it comes to winning things, every contest she enters she wins and she writes about how she does it! I know, so cliché and honestly I have been doing this positive and focused thinking since the start of this self discovery journey, but with growth comes new perspective and the things she does I do but not with as much intent, so I am working on that.

The most important take away I have been repeating and most likely wont ever forget from her is "your prize is coming, its just delayed" my happiness, health, and wealth are just delayed and I have to be the person who is going to receive these prizes, I have to have the mindset to receive these blessings, and I have to have the patience to stay the course. ------ scratch that, I have to have an open heart to receive these types of blessing, I have to open my heart.

With that being said, I have come to understand I do like myself, I like the energy I put out when in a positive state, I like my sense of humor, I like my ideas, I like my body, I embrace my femininity, I adore my personality, I meditate to my voice, I am a breath of fresh air, I am grateful for my creativity, my relationship with myself is a definition of love I never thought I would ever experience, and I want to experience more of me, more of the universe/god, more of spirit.

until next time...

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