"I have a date tonight"

December 15, 2016


...."I have a date and well, I want something natural" - Maddie C.


Maddie is a full-time Estitician student at the Aveda Institute Portland. Maddie had the trendy fashion colors that washed out and she wanted a change, so we took her back to her natural color, and trimmed her ends.


What is happiness, health, and wealth to Maddie?


Happiness to me is being comfortable with yourself and your environment. It can't come from money or objects because true happiness is something that is generated from inside of you when you genuinely enjoy life. It's abstract and intangible but everyone can tell when you're excited about life because it spreads to those around you.


Health is a tricky one because health can be mental, physical, or emotional. To be healthy means two completely different things to someone who say, is suffering form chronic illness and someone who is living with severe mental illness. Health is the feeling of wellness in your life whether that be physically fit or mentally stable and reliable. Being Healthy can change from person to person but for me mental health is the most important aspect.


Wealth is bountiful whether in the form of money or friendships and relationships. The old saying is that money can't buy you happiness and although I agree with this on some level the rest of me thinks that it can buy tickets to travel the world and create positive memories with those you love so, essentially money can SOMETIMES buy happiness. You just have to know where to invest it.


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