Min-it [H.H.W. 4.2.18}

April 2, 2018


Minute [min-it] is defined as an exact point in time; instant; moment


I have not written on my blog for a "minute" reasons are summed up to this:


LIFE !!!


I am currently working at a salon as an independent contractor I make my own schedule and pray that GOD ignites humans to want to get their hair done and that the forces of the universe collate me into their point of view (I believe in a higher power). Never settle for your space to be airy and clean, I learned through salon hopping that you will succeed with your own efforts, you will not succeed working under someone, never allow someone to tell you your value, if you plan on apprenticing/assisting make sure you find out who you are working under, a person can only teach you the way they know how, if you see that person has a salon but is truly unhappy, he/she will train you that way. Self awareness has trained me to protect my energy


I am still paving the way to take over the beauty industry, I started modeling with intent!!!! I stopped doing FREE freelance work as a Hair and Make up artist because it just wasn't benefitting me, NEVER WORK FOR FREE, trust when I say this THERE IS ALWAYS A BUDGET even if its for travelling and/or your kit, if there isn't a budget, skip the project and recommend them to a school, DO NOT build your portfolio or get experience for free, work on paid gigs ONLY, they are the ones who will reference you and credit your work when a future client wants to double check you! just be patient it will happen.


I joined the Ted Gibson artistic team, I use to watch this man on what not to wear doing make overs 17 years ago on TLC, and in February I  was sitting in the same room as him discussing the hair industry, progress is showing in my efforts.


I did not place in the Miss Oregon Competition so I'm doing it again!! I attended an Award Show focused on Pageantry, I met Miss Universe 1991 (my birth year-coincidence I think not) and Current Miss America! 


I am going into Einstein mode soon, I have to do something for the hair industry that bridges a gap, I'm onto something...JUST WATCH.


whew! see ya next week!




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