Pey-shun ns [H.H.W. 4.18.18]

April 18, 2018

Patience is defined as even-tempered care. A willingness to suppress annoyance when confronted with daily. 


I am a very patient person towards others, when it comes to myself and the ability to ask and be patient to recieve a huge blessing,  I tend to turn into the kid who ask to drive to disneyland I buckle my seatbelt and BOOM "are we there yet?". I ask for signs, and I receive them, I ask for breaks and those I receive too but one thing I forget to ask for is patience. 



Why is it important, patience allows you to stay gratified, you ultimately understand everything that happens TO you, is FOR you! You have the understanding of what will come will come and pass, so you walk with more confidence you dont get swayed by minute occurrences, you remain even-tempered. 


Remain patient in all you do to enjoy the journey to the goal. 


Well thats all I got this time, see ya next week!

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