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Happiness. Health. Wealth.

Hey Beauties its Melesblog! Relax and be apart of a journey of Happiness, Health, and Wealth, along with helpful tips on hair care along with ways to add happiness into your life, ways to better your health (mind, body, and soul), and ways to add wealth into your life and the ones around you!

My current journey is on the road to Beacon a Professional Beauty Association which is designed to inspire beauty school students, only 100 students Nationally will be winners and I WANT TO BE a finalist, this would mean so much to me, getting to meet the top stylist and leaders of this beauty industry, the knowledge I would receive would be put to good use!. I am now in the process of applying and building a solid idea for Beacon, I am choosing to write a blog because it helps me tell the story of hair, it helps me start a conversation on things that are important to me and maybe it can give a different perspective that can put everything you're are going through at ease.

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