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Life update

Welp! honestly, I'm sitting in my buildings office using their computer to update my website to be in alignment with my purpose, so I'm doing DAMN GOOD!

I believe the last update I mentioned how I feel the world is with me now, and so many things have been happening since then, the main thing I want to point out is, I started to fall in love with myself...I know, only crazy people fall in love!

I got to say , love is actually hard , its a constant choice you make every moment of the day, eventually it becomes so habitual its normal and you end up with a beautiful vibrational rewarding state of just BEING . I feel a strong energy pull that my life is being shifted into greatness, my mindset is where it needs to be as far as perspective for example I understand things with grace now!. My spirit is in alignment with God, my connection is closer so my vision is clearer. My health is also very well balanced, its like my happiness, health, wealth are coming into alignment and I am taking the proper steps to make sure I stay there.

With this new found love it is a learning curve and quite an interesting dynamic of how my old habits are present and I notice them and how I can discern if they don't serve a purpose. One of those is my survival mode of hustling, hell no I am not going back to that! not only was it not fun, I made myself sick stressing and working so much, I have replaced that habit with wellness. Whats wellness - well to me it means self care "making sure Mind+Body+Spirit are well" so balancing my mind with meditation at a Sauna, Pampering my body with a Mani+Pedi combo, Breathing in sea salt at a retreat to remove mucus, that's wellness to me! I feel like this is me, I am more vibrant, I see life half full, and I can enjoy being in the moment more which is helping me excel in my career, its like when I started to bet on myself things started to reward me by falling in place.

I look forward to what is here! until next time...

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