• Mele

Kwes-chun n [H.H.W. 2.20.17]

I created this look with synthetic weaving hair, both the Bun and Bang are extensions!

I have so many questions on how to succeed in the hair industry.

How do you get the creative director position, on a high end luxury company?

How do I become a 6-figure stylist?

How would I find balance between work and personal when I want to be great?

How do I stay independent yet connected?

When do I file my taxes?

How can I take my brand to the next level?

How far do I want to go in my career? is there such thing a nobel prize for hair stylist?

Who do I surround myself with in order to see success?

How to I become the go -to stylist in the globe?

How can my career take me around the globe?

Will my inspiration be continuous?

Will I affect humans in a positive light from my art?

Will I awaken humans with my art?

Will I create wealth with my craft?

Can I cater to the "elite"?

Universe please answer my questions thank you!

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