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"I want ....a L.O.B. " [H.H.W. 11.25.17]

I created this look by taking diagonal down sections from a middle part up starting at the nape, up to the ear and crossing the top

crown then over directing frontal sections back to create an angle on the long bob. Small sections are key!

What is Hannah's Happiness? Health? and Wealth?

"happiness to me is when nothing feels like an obligation. I am excited about everything and feel content with life.

health is being able to do what I want without physical limitations. however, it is also mental. mental health in my life now is being able to deal with life's daily ups and downs one step at a time with grace an thoughtfulness.

wealth in my life now has more to do with my emotional well being than financial. the basic- shelter, food, and basic clothing are necessities, but besides that, it is my feeling truly happy and content. I feel very rich in life when i'm at home cuddled with my cat and watching netflix, or when i'm out spending time with friends."

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