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Goh [H.H.W. 4.10.18]


Go [Goh} is defined as to leave a place, to proceed, especially to or from something.

The past 3 weeks I have been turned around, things are dropping from my hands that normally wouldn't, I'm having vivid dreams, and overall a strong sense of letting go. Now, what am I letting go of? I'm letting go of control, in a perspective of "I can figure it out" I am fully walking in faith and its ....LIBERATING. I have a very strong sense of stability and hope, I am spiritually allowing things to happen naturally. I am in full alignment with my path, now universe lets go!

I believe its time to check out my mentor "The Law of Attraction - The Secret" a shift is happening and I'm here to understand a new/different perspective in order for me to grow as a spirit/human/being and to of course...take over the beauty industry!

see you next time!

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