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Hoph [H.H.W. 6.11.18]

Hoph is defined as the feeling that what is wanted can be had, or events will turn out for the best.

I recently read that tribulations worketh patience; and patience, experience; and experience, hope. This statement came to me like a silver lining, why? I have been bouncing like a basketball between salons. I came to a point that I can no longer work behind a chair full time, it didn't fit me. When you have given all you have to a situation and nothing progresses its a sign that you have to turn the wheel in another direction. 

In school I hoped for the ability to travel and do hair/teach and work behind the chair 1 or 2 times a week while making a wealthy living, with that seed planted in school, I graduated and literally went the opposite way, I felt it was a way for me to gain my skill level, but I was wrong. The only things I learned was how to struggle and be patient, sheesh! Don't get me wrong, everthing connects to the next so it wasn't a "loss" in my world, I now know what I want and that hope-seed is more attainable.

Behind the chair I have found a niche with my curly/wavy clients, I get them! I have stepped down from braiding, but teach techniques. I am focusing on colors, cuts, extensions, and natural styles,  its what I went to school for and what I hoped to utilize back then, now is the time. 

Im back on my path! Read ya next week!

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