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Is the world laughing at me or with me?

So I have encountered so many series of events on this journey of life I sometimes wonder, Is the world taking me seriously?

I have cried deeply about this shit over a period of years and quite frankly I was sick of how my own mind enterpreted it as me not being taken seriously, the world is laughing and looking, maybe I’m dumb (I eventried to spell em-compa-tent then erased it to just write “dumb“ the fucking irony lmao)and of all people why the fuck me. I mean anyone striving to achieve a better version of themselves understands this process.

So I have come to a great ah-ha recently that once your have overcome something, the way you receive things changes, which leads to you wanting different things that evolve into your new life.

With this new lens on life , my question from “is the world laughing at me?” turned to ”Is the world actually laughin …with me?” And why ? Why, do I now feel like the world is on my side?

HOLY SHIT!!!!! I am stopping here cause I just asked myself a powerful question! Read me in a couple weeks !

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