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This time its different…

I think its time to take a chance on myself and really put my faith in the above. I feel ready because every other way wasn’t working, so with this new goal I definitely prayed about, I seem to be bulldozing through (but we’ll see! If its in my will it will blossom). I am in the middle of some minor updates to the website, I am brainstorming marketing to build my business up.

I believe going to the salon is a luxury, Idealy I would love to focus on the client experience to embody that luxury feeling to have my clients leaving my chair feeling Posh.y as if they are wearing their favorite high jewelry, embodying the *I AM ME attitude of wearing your favorite perfume that screams YOU! I truly want my clients to feel taken care of.

My ideal client is Posh.y, lives life, respects elegance, appropriately socialable, kind hearted, light hearted, easy going, healthy, prosperous mindset, generous, reasonable, respects art, financially responsible, well- mannered, and just all around beautiful & dope!

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